Press Association Training 4 week review

I have to confess, though this will hardly be music to the ears of my long-suffering parents, that I feel as though I've worked harder in 4 weeks at PA Training than I did during 4 years of University. That probably says as much about me as it does the intensity of the course, but when you're in an environment you feel satisfied and secure in, it's simply so much easier to apply yourself. You don't just do your work - you enjoy your work.

Having a routine helps. Getting up everyday and preparing for what is effectively a 9-5 job means you no longer have time to watch the world go by or vegetate in front of the TV and blend into the sofa on which you are sitting. I think the whole experience is already making me more dynamic and dare I say more mature and responsible. I might actually be turning into a human being.

You start to look at news in a whole different light too. You have to. From having a full-blown successful newsroom on the floor above and access to all major nationals every morning it’s impossible to not find yourself with a different perspective. Everything is a potential story, however seemingly trivial it might seem at first. There could always be a twist at the end, you just have to delve deep enough to find it. If you can’t extract every possible nugget of information you just won’t have a story. Plain and simple.

So, what with all the apparent growing up and suppression of natural human emotion, not to mention the constant drilling of shorthand, it's fair to say the opening few weeks have been a real eye opener. And what's the best part of all that I hear you ask?

There's still 13 weeks to go.

Thomas Dodd, @TomAlexDodd

Thomas Dodd - NCTJ Trainee - @TomAlexDodd

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Thomas Dodd - NCTJ Trainee - @TomAlexDodd


Alex Goode

"Learning how to be a journalist in nine weeks is incredibly intense, but the course leaves you feeling confident and well-prepared for the working world. The tutors are supportive and genuinely interested in seeing you succeed.

"The best thing about the course is that you know you’re learning useful skills that editors want and that other journalists don’t necessarily have. We’re living proof that you can master making an app, website and print magazine in just a few days, as well as learning shorthand, media law, subbing and more!"

Alex Goode // Editorial Assistant, The Jamie Oliver Group

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