5 tips for staying healthy on the course

Learning basically everything a journalist needs to know in nine weeks is intense.

Here's how I've survived (so far...we still have exam week!)

1. Keep hydrated

We're all over the moon that the water machine has been replaced and we don't have to walk up the stairs anymore. Just like this cutie.


2. Eat (relatively) healthily

Make sure you eat enough protein-rich 'brain food', such as nuts, seeds and oily fish.

But don't beat yourself up if you find yourself adopting a croissant-a-day habit. Carbs are there to be enjoyed, aren't they Piper?


3. Take regular screen breaks

And remember to blink. It sounds stupid but you forget to blink when you stare at a screen for ages, which dries your eyes out.


4. Stretch your legs

You won't have time for proper exercise. Trust me.


5. Remember to breathe

Sounds obvious, but I hold my breath when I concentrate.


Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown - Summer 2016 Magazine Course London - @lucybrowntweets

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Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown - Summer 2016 Magazine Course London - @lucybrowntweets


Clara Strunck

"If you really want to pursue a career as a journalist, I would say that doing your NCTJ diploma at PA is one of the best decisions you can make. You leave qualified, confident and much more employable – and you make some great friends along the way."

Clara Strunck // Freelance Video Journalist

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