We want to make our website accessible to everyone who visits the site and ensure it is as easy to use as possible. 

We are reviewing the website against the WCAG guidelines, which sets the standard for accessibility on digital platforms. 

There are improvements we need to make and we will regularly review the site to ensure it remains accessible to all users. We will:

  • Make text easy to understand 
  • Make the text of links meaningful so that their target is clear when they are read out of context
  • Give images appropriate alternative text so that the information they contain is conveyed to those who cannot see them
  • Include appropriate headings and subheadings to aid navigation by screen-readers 
  • Keep our footer updated with the site map to help with navigating through our site


Charles Capel

'There really is no better place to train in journalism than with the Press Association'

Charles Capel // Internship (Business desk), CNN International

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